Page Properties

This lesson will explain how to set page properties including page audio and the page title.

Accessing Page Properties

To access the Page Properties, navigate to the page you want to customize. Then click the Page Properties shortcut on the left toolbar, or click the name of the app in the upper right corner and then the arrow next to the name of the page.

Properties Overview

  1. Title: the page title is used for your reference. Using a logical page title can help you navigate through the app while building, especially if the app has many pages.
  2. Audio: you can choose an audio file to play when the page opens. Typically this will be background music or narration for the page. You can either select a new audio file or choose an audio file that is being used elsewhere in the app. The user can turn page audio off or on for the entire app using the ToggleAudio behavior, and this does not affect other uses of audio in the app.
  3. Loop Audio: select Yes if you want the page audio to repeat indefinitely.
  4. Continuous Audio: select Yes if the page audio should continue throughout the app so that there is no interruption when the user turns to different pages.
  5. Background Style: the background of a page can be a solid color, an image, or a gradient. The background image or color cannot hold any action sets or be moved on the screen. For more information, see the video below.
  6. Background Color / Background Image / Gradient Settings: this field will change depending on the background style and allow you to choose the specific color, image file, or gradient direction and colors.
  7. Save Page State: This field lets you specify whether the page should maintain its appearance when the user turns to other pages (select Yes) or if the page should start from the way it was when the app was first opened (select No).

Page Backgrounds Video Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up different page backgrounds in your app, including a solid or gradient color background as well as an image as a background.